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Wisconsin woman. Baking, cooking. Homemade lifestyle, DIY. Respecting this earth we are a part of. Another human in this universe finding the grasp of what is life. I'm Sarah Elizabeth, 23 year old lady











Many of you know Captain’s story, but for those who don’t I’ll explain a bit to help you better understand what this fundraiser is for.
Captain was beaten and neglected, in a serious and horrifying way, for the first 8.5 months of his life. The vet said his skin infections and mange were from the neglect, and the physical damage from the beatings have given him soreness in his shoulders as well as a jaw that does not fully open. Then, after all of that, he was dumped at a high kill shelter and put directly onto the To Be Destroyed list.
Luckily the good people at Second Chance Rescue saw him and pulled him, and he then went to a foster home. His first foster mom couldn’t care for him, so he came into boarding at my old job. That’s where I first met him. That’s where I saw him slowly deteriorate. I loved him too much to let it continue, and brought him home in November.
Captain still has a limp, and a funky jaw, but is otherwise in perfect physical health. His emotional and mental state is much better than it was, but he is still very fearful. I want to change that.

The Fundraiser:
Captain took classes with a trainer named Merri from Finish Forward Dogs. She helped him overcome some of his fearfulness, and learn how to control his impulses. I want to further that. I want him to become an ambassador for rescue dogs. A pup that can travel to adoption events, school visits, and elsewhere. To do that he needs to be ‘bomb-proof’, and I need training for both of us in order to get there. I’m asking for help getting into BMOD classes at Finish Forward, and then Better Bully group classes at the same facility. If you want to help us become a voice for rescue dogs, especially beaten/neglected/bully breed ones, please donate what you can!
Any questions? Ask!

Thanks for all the support everyone! So far we are $5 dollars closer to our goal!

We are now $55 closer to the goal!

Some exciting changes are on the way for this fundraiser! Please keep your eyes peeled and donate if you can!

Please boost!

$70 closer to the goal! Thank you all! I’m so excited!

Please keep sharing this! You’ve all be so kind so far.
I can’t wait to be able to get into these classes ASAP with Captain!

About to post a practice ‘obedience under stress/distracted video! It was hard to do on my own, but it gives an idea as to how hard he works. Watch it!

Hey all! It’s almost my birthday. Can you guess what I want? If you have anything, even a dollar, please donate!

We’re 100 dollars closer! Keep it up and we’ll be able to start classes soon! Thank you all so much.

PSA about PANIC and ANXIETY attacks for Bystanders


Things not to say and alternatives to tell/ask people who are having a panic or anxiety attack:

  1. Just calm down.
    Alternative: Can I help you calm down? Or Is there anything I can do for you?

  2. Why can’t you just relax?
    Alternative: I’m here for you, what can I do to help you relax?



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I don’t usually reblog SJW things but this one is actually really good, like, less aggressive and just honest. Yeah, there are lots of unsexy men in sitcoms who date hot girls. It’s actually a thing. I never thought about that. And the last one… well that’s a punch in the face really. well done, these guys! We should spread this thing, and not just on tumblr.

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Tuckered out, 3 hours of sleep after DJ Abilities last night.  Then woken up and went to family swim day.  Fuck I need to sleep for 3 days.

Tuckered out, 3 hours of sleep after DJ Abilities last night. Then woken up and went to family swim day. Fuck I need to sleep for 3 days.

update time, Have not really had the time to put forth the effort to posting anything personal lately.  I have been working alot and going through and trying to make changes in my life.

I have been working two jobs and doing as much as I can with this summer as possible.  Being able to enjoy and make some memories with Ari and Kyla.  Saw Outkast and fell inlove with Andre 3000 all over again.   I will  be moving again in about a month.  Taking Kiki and Artimas with me.  I am going to be living with a great friend, someone who has known me since highschool. She is one of the humans in this world I can trust and know I am going to be safe.  I am tired though, of the constant move and changing my home setting.  I am ready to embrace a homes setting knowing I am with someone who understands my core and I understand theirs also.  It was not even a question in my mind of a yes or no.  Only yes.  I am starting another chapter in my journey, One to be excited and relaxed for.   

Lykke Li

—Sadness Is A Blessing


sadness is a blessing
sadness is a pearl
sadness is my boyfriend
oh, sadness I’m your girl

i ranted. i pleaded. i beg him not to go…

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Alex Kanevsky


The prints are aquatint etchings done in the technique of direct gravure and printed on Japanese Gampi paper.. The last four prints are on Arches paper.

Plate size is approximately 17.5” x 11”.

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